The Barn is a permanent indoor market with 100% organic products, offered in bulk and at fair prices.


Our stores are made up of an assortment of 400 references offered primarily in bulk. Our strength? To offer 100% organic products at accessible prices for all. Through fair prices, we enable the producer to guarantee sustainable production, both from an ecological and economic point of view.


Every day, our mission is to offer organic food at accessible prices to as many people as possible. To achieve this goal, we make every effort to propose to you the lowest prices, while maintaining an undeniable quality. Accessibility is also found in our choice of location. Whether it is by bike, car, tram or metro, everyone can easily visit us.


At The Barn, being responsible means creating a strong, equitable and sustainable partnership with our producers and suppliers. We are demanding about the origin of our products and we value who produces them. Being responsible is also guiding our actions in favor of sustainable development. We want to reduce the ecological impact of our consumption patterns by offering you products without packaging, encouraging you to use your own containers and ensuring a good waste management. These are either donated to organisations or composted in our garden.


We attach great importance to the recruitment of our team members and valuing each other's work. Within The Barn reigns a spirit of solidarity, generosity, authenticity and helpfulness. Every day, strong relationships are developed between customers, employers and partners.

Quality is there for the eye to see - it does not need a packaging to prove it

Our partners confirm it..


"Bionaturels is proud of its human, direct and durable partnership with its farmers. Our aim is to support organic farming, from the pitchfork to the dining fork, in a transparent way. The Barn shares these values, and is therefore – in our eyes – the ideal partner!"


"Along with the Barn, we quickly found a common passion for products that taste delicious, are locally sourced and are made with skill. Our team, made up of young and dynamic employees, cooperate to bring you a range of produce that makes sense and is in accordance with our respective values. With only one product for each need in your grocery list, The Barn guarantees that what you find in the store has passed our rigorous selection process"

Benoît Segonds

“I love the energy of this project, worn by men and women with strong values such as quality of products, zero waste, knowledge of products and fair prices.”

- Benoît Segonds