So’ Bake It

so bake it

Tradition and ecology
Soheila Sadraee grew up between her father’s stacks of oriental carpet and her mother’s organic store. The perfect mix of tradition and ecology
Graduated from a painting school, Soheila spent her first career years in the artistic field. She decided to take her passion of cooking to another level when she became a mother. She is all about the art of cooking gourmet cuisine using her imagination to create the perfect flavor combinations.

Gluten-free queen
In 2013, So ‘Bake It was born. A 100% gluten free, 100% organic, 0% preservatives bakery . With a passionate team, Soheila combines the taste and quality of our elder but with today’s standards, in terms of ingredients and homemade processes.

Her bread at The Barn:
Gluten-free bread from rice and buckwheat

  • Monday in Saint-Gilles
  • Tuesday in Etterbeek
  • All week in Ixelles