Smile kombucha


The idea for the project came from Thomas. A young entrepreneur who worked in the United States and saw a strong movement to consume and drink differently. He discussed it with his brother Augustin and his friends Julien and Nicolas. The four of them embarked on the kombucha project.

Kombucha is a slightly acidic fermented drink. It is prepared using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast immersed in a sweet tea-based solution (traditionally black tea).

Low in calories, the bacteria and organic acids it contains are also good for the intestinal flora and are thought to aid digestion. Kombucha also contains antioxidants, which neutralise excess free radicals in the body and thus fight against cell ageing.

The project is anchored around two values: authenticity and “feel-good”! Their mission “We produce a drink that makes you feel as good as it tastes! Made in Brussels, we want to bring our smiles to the Kombucha community. One drink at a time. “