Rovies is the name of a small village on the island of Evia, Greece. The olive grove of the cooperative Rovies was developed in 1923 by Andonis Papadopoulos, a man passionate about olive trees. He expanded the wild olive grove on a territory of 350 ha gathering 70,000 trees (some of which are over 2,000 years!). His daughter Anna redistributed plots of 5 to 10 hectares to the olive grove workers and supported the creation of the cooperative in 1978. Today, it includes 130 small organic olive growers.

Their objectives range from environmental protection, promotion of organic farming to renewable energy production, agrotourism and research on the health benefits of olive and olive oil consumption.

However, their main goal is to provide consumers natural products that are naturally sweet and have all their nutritional values.

At The Barn, we support Rovies by selling their delicious green, kalamata, almonds, lemon, garlic and pepper olives and in bulk !

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