Golden Latte

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Easy, quick and healthy recipe with 100% organic products from The Barn presented by WESH food 🌾☝🏻

For 1 person


✔ 1/3 cup of cashew nuts

✔ 1 cup of water

✔ 1 tablespoon of powdered turmeric

✔ 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey

✔ A pinch of cinnamon

✔ A little pinch of black pepper


  1. For the homemade cashew milk: Soak the cashews for a few hours. Rinse them. Blend them in a blender with water until you get milk.
  2. Pour the milk into a skillet, add the other ingredients and heat over low heat. Serve and drink it warm.

? Tip ?: You can also use unsweetened vegetable milk (almond, cashew, nuts, etc.). This milk will be just as good, but yet less rich in nutritional quality than homemade milk.

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