Nectar & Co

Nectar and co miel biologique

Do you know who is behind our acacia and forest honey? Don’t worry and bee happy because we present you Nectar & Co, our supplier of unique honeys in both flavour and floral diversity, bearing the “Apiculture Biologique” (Organic Beekeeping) label.

Xavier Rennotte was just 12 years old when he was stung by the passion of bees and bought his first hives in 1993. Ten years later, the desire to launch a project directly related to his passion was an evidence. Xavier founded Nectar & Co, a cooperative that is committed to working with respect for producers, products and the environment. 


Nectar and co miel biologique


With ten or so apiaries in the Brussels Region and Wallonia, Nectar & Co produces its own output. This beekeeping business sums up the company’s roots.

Over nearly 20 years in business, we have also managed to forge relationships with other beekeepers across the continent. This network of organic and sustainable producers has introduced a range of honeys to the Belgian market that are unique in terms of flavour, floral diversity, and also texture, creating a truly Belgian savoir-faire.

Nectar & Co is committed to minimizing their environmental impact, in the most sensitive phases of its activity.

  • Production: among other things, thanks to a factory located in an energy-efficient building, machines that run on compressed air or closed-circuit cooling processes, limiting water consumption,… 
  • Recycling: Nectar & Co recycles the containers in which the products of the hive are sent, they are also members of the sorting and recycling organizations VAL-I-PAC and Fostplus.
  • The transport: The barrels are sent by grouping and with several producers of the region, all the raw materials come from Europe and they favor the proximity in the choice of our suppliers of material and packaging.


Our honey: Acacia and forest honeys

Imported from Transylvania, in central Romania, acacia honey is delicate, slightly floral and very sweet. While forest honey has more woody notes, it is also rich in oligo-elements, minerals and antioxidants.  

Our two honeys are available in bulk in containers equipped with an electric resistance to keep the honey at temperature and prevent crystallization. 

You can come and fill your own containers at will or take only the amount that satisfies your greed!  


Nectar and co miel biologique


Organic honey, but how?

Why don’t we sell Belgian organic honey? To be allowed to carry the organic label in Belgium, the apiary must be located in an organic area within a 3 km radius. This is very difficult to achieve in our small country due to population density.


Nectar and co miel biologique