chocolat belge bio Nao organique en vrac

Zero waste, with a belgian touch!
In the heart of Brussels, in 2015, was born NAO, an initiative that aims to add a 100% organic and packaging-free alternative to the Belgian chocolate market.
A simple chocolate, accessible to all, sold exclusively in bulk, without palm oil, dye or preservative. Simplicity and authenticity for a zero waste greediness!

S.O.S Faim
In 2019, NAO’s team decided to broaden the stakes of its mission, to its scale. Employees want to provide consistent and impactful support, with long-term usefulness. They turn to the NGO ‘S.O.S. Faim’, which supports family farming in Latin America.
This joint work resulted in the launch of a training program for local producers, to help them make the most of their cocoa.

“We are fighting for a chocolate that is respectful of everyone, from the producer to the consumer, to the merchant. ”


Act here and now
The NAO’s team also wants to have an impact on its consumers and expand its action plan in Belgium. In 2019, they financed the planting of a hundred-year-old forest for the Saint-Augustin school in Genval, with the help of ‘Urban Forest’. The idea behind this initiative is to help children understand how a forest works and how much time it needs to grow.

Next to that, NAO is funding zero waste workshops offered by Anne-Michaelle and Sven, founders of ’Mi’ssion Nature’. In this way, they learn how to quickly and easily transition to zero waste.

Their chocolates at The Barn
Thanks to the know-how of their Belgian chocolatier, Jan, who produces their products in an artisanal way, NAO offers excellent black and milk chocolate bars, with and without hazelnuts.
More information on their website