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Self-service mashed oilseeds 

Thanks to the Milarom mills available in our stores, you have the possibility to make your own spreads, without added oil or sugar, with the oilseeds of your choice. Magical isn’t it?

Take toasted almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts (all from Italy), activate the machine and… Abracadabra! Our simple spreads will delight young and old. 


From California to France 

A few years ago, Laetitia experimented a raw and vegan diet. It was a revelation! So she decided to follow a training course in Vegan Nutrition and Raw Food in the United States and flew away with her husband and children on this adventure! 

It’s in California that they will discover the concept of a puree mill. Being themselves great fans of oilseed purees, they will return to France with the desire to implement this concept in Europe. 


Their ecological commitment 

Milarom Mills work with whole noble oilseeds, not off-cuts, shreds and other crushed products that require an additional processing step and are therefore less environmentally friendly and more expensive! 

Moreover, the concept is part of a zero waste approach since you can place your containers directly under the mills and take away only the quantity you want. 


Nutritional treasures

Oilseed purees are vegetable butters that can be used in all preparations.They are delicious but also represent an excellent source of vegetable proteins, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and low in carbohydrates.