About Who ? About people !

Milagro is a mixed organic farm located in the green lung of southern Antwerp, near Hemiksem on 30 hectares of basically untouched land.

Agricultural partners Dirk ‘s Jongers and Erik Krosenbrink aim to develop a dynamic and future-oriented agricultural culture. Their ambition?  To plough between Antwerp and Brussels, literally and figuratively.

The Farming, crops, winter vegetables, pumpkin preservation and processing and a small store directly attached to the farm are the economic basis of the business. There is also room for activities and collaborations within the social economy. At Milagro, giving meaning to what we do is essential. That’s why they also offer day-care activities for all kinds of people, with or without professional disabilities.




Milagro and The Barn in Antwerp

The company logo symbolizes free and associative thinking and acting.

The cooperation with The Barn was born out of a strong mutual interest in the values of entrepreneurship.

“With The Barn Bio Market, we have finally succeeded in eliminating the operational inefficiency of the organic chain. This is by increasing volumes and stopping traditional supply chains”

Erik Krosenbrink, also a lecturer in business economics and professor of bio-entrepreneurship at Landwijzer, says: “This is a good thing for all parties involved: A better selling price for the producer, which means fair wages for his employees. A better purchase price for the store, thus a better purchase price for you as a customer!”