Le pain de François

les pains de françois barn bio au levain

Organic bread is life

François’ passion for pastry and bakery goes back a long way, to his youngest age.

As a child, he came to study during his free time in a bakery. His favorite occupation was to stuff chocolate éclairs. In 1995, François started a bakery & pastry training allowing him to develop his skills. After 15 years working in his own conventional bakery in Malonne (Namur), François decided to change course and follow the organic way!

Today, he has set up his workshop at Interbio, the fruit and vegetable distribution platform in Sombreffe. He uses Belgian and organic flour milled with care and delicacy in the mill of the Ferme Baré, to conserve all the nutritional qualities of the flour. François raises his yeast himself and knead by hand. He uses a furnace powered by biomass energy produced from wood waste.

At The Barn, you can taste Francis’s delicious breads, such as rye bread, spelled bread, wheat bread, etc.