Le Domaine du Chenoy

Domaine du Chenoy

In the large Chenoy vineyard estate in Emines (Namur region), the brothers Pierre-Marie and Jean-Bernard produce organic and Belgian wines with passion and meticulousness!

The estate was founded in 2002 by Philippe Grafe. He wanted to take up the challenge of producing 100% Belgian wine, despite the meteorological issues of our country. His passion and perseverance have lead to success and the cultures are growing well on the 11 hectares site.

When the estate was taken over in 2017, the two Despatures brothers certified the vineyard and promoted “Original”, “Organic” and “Local” production;

“Original” by the simple fact of growing vines in Belgium but also by the pioneering position of Domaine du Chenoy in the use of interspecific grape varieties.

“Organic” by producing environmentally friendly local wines.

“Local” by focusing on the marketing of their products in short food supply chains.

At The Barn, you can find their sparkling fruit with floral and fruity aromas named La Perle de Wallonie.

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