Le Coq des Prés

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The organization of Le Coq des Prés was launched in 2008 by a group of poultry farmers passionate about their profession. Le Coq des Prés attaches much importance to the quality of their products. Their chickens are fed with 100% natural, vegetable and organic ingredients. 

Le Coq des Prés is proud of their products thanks to the sustainable aspect of their working method. They are sustainable from different aspects:

  1. Social, thanks to the creation and stability of employment of poultry farmers.
  2. Economic, because Le Coq des Prés ensures the breeders a better income per animal and accessible prices in store.
  3. Environmental, because the ecological pressure is attenuated by the implementation of an extensive breeding. Raised in family farms, integrated into the landscape, le Coq des Prés lives in wooded meadows. In addition, the marketing of Le Coq des Prés is based on a real close relationship between the mill supplying the food, the farmers and the customers. Transport is also limited to the maximum.

At The Barn you can find durmsticks, fillets, legs and chicken burgers. In addition, every Sunday, Victor’s rotisserie is present in our car park to provide you with delicious roasted chickens reared by Le Coq des Prés!

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