Le Champignon de Bruxelles


At The Barn, we buy our Shiitake mushrooms from “Le Champignon de Bruxelles”, a company that was launched by three young entrepreneurs about four years ago. 

Their production process is unique and fast, due to a short circuit system in which they include brewing residue (beer duff). Basically, the team goes to breweries to collect this beer duff, which they mix with wood chips. This mixture is then pasteurized at 100 degrees. Afterwards, it is packed in bags and placed in a room with no humidity, nor sunlight, for two months and a half.

After this time has elapsed, the bags are unpacked and the mixture is placed on the ground of a cellar in “les caves de Cureghem” with a low temperature and about 80% humidity. These cellars, with magnificent red, stone vaults, are the ideal environment for growing mushrooms – a cool and constant temperature allows the tons of grains planted to grow into the most delicious Shiitake mushrooms. The growing process takes 10 days, after which these beautiful mushrooms are harvested.



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