Lacia yogurt with sheep’s milk

yaourt de brebis lacia

A shared passion 

More than 20 years ago, Mariana met Daniel and the famous “Fromagerie du Gros Chêne” that we no longer have to introduce! Very quickly, they became friends and share the same passion for authentic and quality products. 

It is therefore in collaboration with the “Fromagerie du Gros Chêne” that Mariana and her son Gaia have been working since 2018 on the recipe of an exceptional yogurt made from sheep’s milk. 

This project is a beautiful family adventure tinged with friendship! 


Milk from home! 

These surprisingly soft yogurts are also part of a local and sustainable logic. The sheep’s milk is supplied by the “Fromagerie du Gros Chêne” and the “Bergerie des Fauves Laineux”, around Namur, but other partnerships have been created with farms in the surrounding area to meet the growing demand! 


Lacia in the kitchen 

At breakfast, for dessert, as an aperitif or as a sauce to serve with your salads and meats: Lacia yoghurts are perfect with both sweet or salty dishes. 

Good to know: sheep yoghurts are generally more digestible than their cow’s milk equivalents and contain up to 20% more protein. 


Zero waste logic

Moreover, these succulent yogurts are produced in returnable glass jars that you can take back to the store!