La Ferme du Four à Verre

La ferme du Four à Verre

A family and passion story
Benoit d’Halluin has studied infirmary and turned to agriculture by pure passion in 1998. The challenge was huge as he is not coming from a farmer family.

Starting with the conventional agriculture, he was not afraid to ask disturbing questions and to think “outside the box”. In 2004, he naturally turned to organic agriculture, which came into perfect harmony with his values ​​and his vision. He was one of the first organic farmers in the area and was able to surround himself with the right people to apply the right techniques.
Benoit and his parents had the opportunity to buy a farm and land (3 hectares) in Froidchapelle, initially to work with Limousin cows. After an accident invalidating his father, Benoit saw things from a different eye and decided to work only with laying hens. It is a choice of heart but also a thoughtful one.
Today, they work on more than 250 hectares of organic land.

At The Barn, you can find their organic eggs sold in bulk! Do not hesitate to bring your own box to carry them!

Ferme du Four à Verre poules

The team
It’s a family story. Their good decisions and their rigorous management led them today to be able to hire 14 dedicated people to work with them every day in their project!

“Tourism, chickens and culture”
The Ferme du Four à Verre in located in the province of Hainaut, through 5 different sites. Each site lives independently with one or more poultry houses attached directly to a packing factory. There is also a cottage on each site for a stay in the heart of the countryside!

What do they give to your chickens?
The Ferme du Four à Verre is the only farm in Belgium to produce, harvest and process most of the food they feed their chickens. They are therefore more than 70% self-sufficiency.
This is very important to them: “when you are organic, it is 100%!”

Here are the ingredients:

  • oats
  • rye
  • wheat
  • triticale
  • pea protein
  • beans
  • corn

The remaining 30%, difficult to cultivate in Belgium and indispensable for the chicken:

  • calcium
  • soy (methianine)
  • sunflower

Are chickens outdoors?
The Ferme du Four à Verre applies the organic regulations concerning the space provided to chickens, that is to say:
4sqm / hen outdoors;
6 chickens per m² indoors.

Ferme Du Four A Verre exterieur