La Ferme des Noyers

The Barn x La Ferme des Noyers

A family farm

In the heart of Corroy-le-Grand, in Walloon Brabant, is a beautiful family farm led by Nicolas and Nathalie. When they started farming in 1987, they first grew vegetables and cereals.
Aware of the positive impact of organic farming and eager to go further in this way, they opened their butcher’s shop in 2002.

They raise with kindness Belgian Blue cows, crossed with the Blonde of Aquitaine. They can enjoy a wide space in the meadows and another warm on in the barn.

The Barn x La Ferme des Noyers En Visite

Good livestock nutrition is essential to flavor the meat. That’s why Nicolas and Nathalie grow their livestock feed at the farm. They are now working hand in hand with the Cooperative GreenFarm Pierard for their vegetable and cereal crops.

Their goal is to share their know-how in quality meat that is 100% organic, GMO-free, hormone-free, without food coloring nor preservatives. Nathalie, caring and sensitive to the health of her customers, takes care of her calves with essential oils to avoid excessive use of antibiotics and thus preserve quality meats.

Les Ferme des Noyers vaches

The team
The butcher’s shop is held by 5 employees who manage the farm in a traditional way, with a short food supply chain.

They work with a slaughterhouse and a transport company that they fully trust. Their strong values ​​and beliefs about animal welfare incites them to control their partners regularly.

In search of a collaborator for our meat assortment, we naturally turned to La Ferme des Noyers, via Delibio. Their values ​​for animal welfare, the quality of their meat and the transparent communication are the strength of this partnership for which we are totally convinced.


Their products at The Barn

  • Chopped pure beef,
  • Chopped pork and beef
  • Country sausages
  • Merguez
  • Salty bacon
  • Smoked bacon
  • Entrecote
  • Steak
  • Blood sausage
  • White sausage
  • Country style pâté