La Ferme Baré

farine de la ferme baré bio

A passion passed from father to son for three generations
La Ferme Baré is located in Balâtre, in the province of Namur. True pioneer of organic, it has turned organic more than 50 years ago!
Pierre, his wife and their collaborators grow carrots, potatoes and various cereals such as wheat, spelled, rye, and so on. They also produce fresh bread and cheese and breed livestock there.

The mill
There is a beautiful, large and authentic Astrié mill at La Ferme Baré, which grinds the grains on grindstones to produce a fine and nutritious flour. This process also makes it more digestible.
100% organic, the flours contain no additives.

At The Barn you will find his carrots, potatoes (in season) and his flours!