Javry Coffee

équipe café Javry

A quality, ethical and eco-responsible coffee

Back in 2013 when Vincenzo, founding father of Javry, realizes that it is impossible to buy quality fairtrade coffee without going to a specialized shop, often way too far.After a few months of work, Javry.com is officially launched and makes it a point of honor to propose coffees that respect these 3 fundamental criteria: the quality of the coffee, the respect of the Earth and the respect of the producer.

From the coffee grower to your cup.

Whether it is Belco or Chorti, the choice of green coffee suppliers at Javry is not insignificant. “Sourcing” has always been the cornerstone of the project. The difference with other coffee sellers is that you know where the coffee comes from, who produced it and how. Each supplier was chosen in particular for their ecological considerations.


A fair price and valued coffee growers.

The quality of the coffee is the main purchasing criterion at Javry, because what they want above all is to value the work of the coffee growers. The farmers are paid on average 75% more than the price of coffee on the market. Moreover, by minimizing the supply chain, the quality/price ratio is ideal.


Belgian and artisanal roasting 

Javry coffee is uniquely roasted in Belgium every week. So you can enjoy a delicious freshly roasted coffee at any time while supporting the local economy!


Want to drink coffee in a different way? 

Javry coffee is available in bulk in all our Barn stores. Choose the quantities yourself, choose the right grind and enjoy a delicious coffee, cup after cup.