Le fromagerie du Gros Chêne


Daniel Cloots has been a cheese enthusiast for 40 years. He started out as a goat farmer, and has been devoted to the production of raw milk cheese since 1989. He and his team of 10 employees produce cheese made with milk from local farms, and expanded in the autumn of 2012 to meet the growing public demand for Gros Chêne cheese.

Gros Chene’s success is due to the emphasis that Daniel and his wife Michèle place on quality, especially at the supplier level. However, it is also due to the immutable values held by the couple: respect for workers, consumers, suppliers and partners are enshrined in their cooperative, which brings together 50 individuals.

At The Barn, you will find a range of Gros Chêne cheese, such as their Tomme de Botteresses, the Tomme du Doyard, the Chevrin, the Pyramide Ash, the Bleu d’Adèle and many more.


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