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A romantic trip for a life project

After a revealing trip to New Zealand, Charlotte and Vincent created in 2009 the “Greenz Biobar”, both juice bar and organic canteen, a friendly and soon emblematic place, in the heart of Uccle. The Greenz Biobar has existed for ten years. The two entrepreneurs extended their offer to offer business lunches to Brussels companies. Very quickly, a tailor-made organic catering service was created.
In October 2018, a solidarity manufacturing workshop opens its doors in Forest. It employs disabled employees.


Happily ever after with lots of vegetables. 

In 2020, Charlotte and Vincent – who have lost none of their motivation and generosity – closed the canteen. They now dedicate themselves to their jars and the catering service in order to focus on the human adventure started two years earlier within the Atelier Protégé in Forest. The social aspect of this new solidarity approach requires particular attention. Greenz markets its organic, healthy and colored jars and becomes fully an Adapted Work Enterprise (ETA). What is important for Charlotte and Vincent is to integrate people who would not have had the chance to work in sustainable food. Greenz gladly takes the time to coach and support them.

In short, their smile is always as engaging, if not more so, because it is now transmitted with their colorful jars, from organic store to local products store. The idea is to spread respectful cooking around them, to make it accessible, to expand it for more pleasure. With a lot of love, by selecting the best ingredients, in a sustainable, reasoned, local, responsible, zero waste logic, Greenz wants to be a serious alternative to industrialized food.



Greenz Bio Bar team



Products at The Barn

Making sustainable food accessible to all, a mission we share entirely with Vincent and Charlotte. That is why this collaboration is particularly important to us. Their willingness to make our world a better place, their curiosity about the products they use and the delicacy of their dishes make us so happy!

Hungry for evolution, we have decided together to swap the single-use plastic jars containing their salads with glass jars, made in France, which are returnable.

Their delicious homemade, organic and seasonal salads are waiting for you in the fridge! You will also see their spreads and mouth-watering desserts. Made with a lot of love, the recipes change every season for even more taste pleasure!