Greenz Biobar


A romantic trip for a life project
Coming back from a life-changing trip to New Zealand, Charlotte Poulain and Vincent De Keyser only have one thing on their minds: to share the forgotten virtues of healthy foods!
Combine respectful cuisine and certified organic products, rediscover the taste of original flavors, include their approach in organic and sustainable food; ideas that have built their 100% organic and Belgian restaurant Greenz Bio Bar!

Located in Uccle, they offer a range of ready-to-eat healthy and delicious meals, that you can take away or enjoy on site. Organic and natural ingredients, coming from local producers and environmentally friendly await you!

Environmentally and human-friendly
In October 2018, a solidarity manufacturing workshop opened in Forest with the aim of hiring employees with disabilities.

Greenz Bio Bar team

Products at The Barn
Make sustainable food accessible to all, a mission that we entirely share with Vincent and Charlotte. That’s why this collaboration is particularly dear to us. We value their desire to make our world better, their curiosity about the products and the delicacy of their dishes!

In 2018, we decided together to trade the disposable plastic pots containing their salads in our fridges with returnable glass jars, made in France. The announcement was very well received by our customers and we never looked back!

Their delicious homemade, organic and seasonal salads are waiting for you in our fridge at The Barn, all year long! You will also see their tempting tapenades and desserts. Made with a lot of love, the recipes change every three months for even more tasty pleasure!

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