Generous is the story of four Belgian entrepreneurs that nothing predestined to meet. They met because they had a project in common: to start a biscuit factory without gluten.

It all started with Theodora and Christophe. She is a graphic designer and he is a specialist in marketing. Three years ago, Christophe discovered a strong intolerance to gluten. “We then changed our diet and discovered a restaurant in Brussels offering excellent breads and pastries without gluten. During their visits, the young couple became friends with the bosses, Jean-Benoît, master pastry chef, and his wife Aurélie.

The couple then decides to unite with a strong desire to be entrepreneurs and break this image of austerity and relative blandness associated to gluten-free products. Generous is four lovers of the good, the authentic and the greedy; four talents who knew how to exploit their complementarity.

For Jean-Benoît, “gluten-free” becomes a source of inspiration and challenges. In their Certisys certified Brussels workshop, he seeks the right raw materials, the right dosages and the right processes to obtain the most appropriate textures and flavors. “The base is buckwheat, a naturally gluten-free cereal that provides crunchiness and a touch of toasty. The most difficult thing was to find a binder to replace gluten and its elasticity. Tapioca flour and potato starch helped us meet this challenge. ”

At The Barn, we decided to team up with Generous to offer gluten-free, artisanal and absolutely delicious cookies.


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