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Freja Food is a Belgian family business, located in Heverlee, specialized in the processing and marketing of exclusively organic and fair trade cookie specialties. The sweet name of this company is inspired by the Nordic goddess of fertility and cultures Freja.

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The taste of yesteryear
Since the early 2000s, Freja Food has been committed to creating cookie products of the highest quality. To make this possible, the team produces them from 100% natural raw materials certified as organic and without the use of any additives or artificial preservatives. All for a unique “home-made” taste! A total traceability system has been set up from the origin of the ingredients to the finished products, for total transparency.


Freja food biscuits bio


Respect for the environment
Concerned about its impact on the environment, the team is also committed to a number of responsible missions; the purchase of the most local ingredients possible, the use of recyclable packaging, the sale of large packages (in cardboard) to limit waste and the use of recycled paper for all printed material.

But for Freja Food, commitment is not limited to raising awareness of our consumption. The quality of human relations with all its partners and stakeholders has become a priority. For this, the team favors the purchase of organic and fair trade certified raw materials and also collaborates with local producers.

In recent years, Freja Food has also developed strong partnerships with several Belgian NGOs working to improve living conditions in developing countries, such as Famine 12-12, MSF and Cunina.


Freja food biscuits bio


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