Nicolas Clarebout

The worker cooperative
Ethiquable is a citizen and solidarity cooperative. Behind these words are hidden human and moral values ​​that are very dear to us.
For 15 years, they have been promoting fair trade and supporting organic peasant farming with 70 cooperatives of small-scale producers. They accompany organic producers in the field to carry out fair trade projects, to help them get along. develop and become autonomous.

FECCANO and Ethiquable
FECCANO is a federation of 6 cooperatives in northern Haiti that brings together more than 3,000 small cocoa farmers. They were able to value their cocoa thanks to fair trade; fair price, on-site fermentation and quality improvement. Indeed, for a long time, the 4,000 tons of cocoa beans harvested each year in Haiti were not valued on the world market. It was then destined for the mass market, engulfed in an industrial production of mediocre quality.
The Ethiquable project with the FECCANO cooperative has changed the deal: in 2015, the cooperative won the Cacao of Excellence award by the International Cocoa Awards.


The challenges of FECCANO
The mission of this young collective is twofold:
Increase the number of certified producers in the coming years;
Improve the production of peasant plantations.

The particularly fair price and the absence of intermediaries allow the cooperatives to pay the cocoa to the farmers about 30% more than the local intermediaries, while covering investments (dryers, offices, ..) and training actions.

Products at The Barn
Cocoa, dark- milk chocolate chips and sugar.
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