De Volle Maan


De Volle Maan” (‘Full Moon’) is a cheese company near Ghent. In 1994, Bart and Kathelijne started this adventure with 18 goats and a kitchen table.

In 2002, they decided to opt for organic farming. For this family, producing organically means so much more than simply the cheese they make. They try to support the ecosystem around them by replanting willows around their meadow, as this tree is ideal for nesting birds, and restoring ponds, which serve as nests for tadpoles, dragonflies and ducks.

For the production of their cheeses, De Volle Maan only works with raw and organic goat’s milk. Bart and Kathelijne use the herbs and plants sown in their meadows extensively. They are convinced that this has a significant impact on the taste and quality of their goat cheese.

Thanks to the passion and expertise of this family, you will find at The Barn a wide range of delicious goat cheese with herbs, pepper, onions and even fresh yogurt and goat’s milk. Everything is completely fresh and organic … Hmm, so yummy !

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