De Groentelaar


De Groentelaar is a small organic horticultural company located in Pajottenland. Tijs and Sander are 2 passionate soil workers behind the project behind the project, helped by permanent employees of Lode and a group of seasonal employees. Together they grow organic vegetables in a sustainable way, paying great attention to taste and freshness and following the rhythm of the seasons.

This great team is building a promising future for De Groentelaar. They focus on ecological and social aspects, while ensuring the economic viability of the company. They work with passion and conviction!



Ensuring sufficient volumes for our producers
Each ‘The Barn’ shop works closely with a local and passionate farmer who works on a small certified organic area.We draw up the cultivation plans at the beginning of each year, in order to organise the harvests and to be able to ensure a sufficient range in our shops with the selected products.

A special partnership for The Barn Ixelles
This relationship was born in preparation for the opening of The Barn in Ixelles in 2019. You will therefore only find their products at The Barn in Ixelles. We were immediately convinced by Tijs and Sander’s passion, their knowledge of the sector and their hopes for De Groentelaar. We are very happy to be able to participate in their project by providing them with volumes and working with them!