After working as a seasonal crop farmer for seven years, Daan switched completely to farming in 2011. He started on a family plot of land that he inherited, which was then gradually expanded.

Ten years later, he has 3 hectares. However, he only farms one hectare at a time. On the remaining plots, he has installed orchards and leaves a few wilder parts to preserve biodiversity. He also has a small number of greenhouses that are heated naturally by the sun. 

Nature as an ally 

Daan has set up an ingenious rainwater harvesting system to water his plantations. And in the middle of the fields, there is a small pond in which tadpoles are swimming peacefully. When these turn into frogs, they become Daan’s main allies against slugs.

Daan’s philosophy

Daan only works with hand tools. When it comes to harvesting and maintenance, he does everything by hand. This decision is in line with his philosophy and his way of thinking. At the same time, he also hires young people to come and help him, to gain experience, to bring them in contact with the land and to share his vision of agriculture with them. 

The Barn and Daan

The Barn and Daan are a great love story. In fact, in addition to being a close customer (especially for Jette because Daan lives in Laeken), The Barn shares the same philosophy as he does. Besides the Barn, Daan has four or five other customers, which allows him to diversify his plantations.