Benoît Segonds

Benoît Segonds

Old-fashioned bakery
Originally from the south of France, it is in Liège that Benoît installed his bakery a few years ago. By passion and with great determination, he has forged a solid place among organic and artisan bakers.

Flour, sourdough, water and sea salt
The four ingredients for a bread ! But not just any products! Benoît is very rigorous about the quality of his raw products. He chooses 100% organic flours, from Mechelen, for their taste and the aromas they give to his breads. They also secure him with no trace of additives or auxiliaries.

For the rest, everything is in the art and breadmaking methods. The entire bakery team is patient and meticulous with the dough on a daily basis. They promote the biological activity of the dough using natural baking methods to optimally develop the taste and structure of the breads.

His breads at The Barn
Get his delicious breads at The Barn:

  • From Wednesday to Sunday in Etterbeek and Saint-Gilles
  • All week long in Antwerp

His assortment: country bread, Kamut bread, spelt bread, buckwheat bread, seeds bread (with yeast) and baguettes.

During the weekend, you will also find chocolate breads, croissants, raisin balls, chocolate moelleux, ciabattas, brioches and cramics.

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